Competition Rules|WNBF Hong Kong

Competition Rules|WNBF Hong Kong

WNBFHK CompetitionRules

Including information about check-in and weigh-in from athletes as well as judging criteria

  • Directed By: WNBF
  • Organizer: WNBF Hong Kong
  • Co-organizer & Sponsor: PTPRO FITNESS 
  • Date of Competition: 2024/5/25-2024/5/26
  • AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall3

 ※For better preparation of an international competition, competitors must check in and complete the weigh-in procedures no later than one day before the competition. This ensures competitors have sufficient time to adjust their carb loading or nutritional intakes to bring out their best physique in the competition. For competitors who do not complete the weigh-in procedures, they will be treated as forfeiting the right to participate in the competition.
Time of opening ceremony: 11am. All competitors must attend the opening ceremony: Competition for each division will start right after the opening ceremony.
Judges: The local and international qualified judges will be appointed by WNBF.
Competition rules: Abide by the most updated competition rules from WNBF.




  1. 1. 18 years old or above Hong Kong permanent resident under good body condition who is also a member of WNBF (member must be qualified by WNBF and fulfilling the payment) .  
  2. 18 years old or above foreign citizen under good body condition who is also a member of WNBF (member must be qualified by WNBF and fulfilling the payment/payment fulfilled?) To participate in the competition, participants are welcome to register in person.
  3. Each person can register up to maximum Steven divisions.
    Time of registration: From now on till 2024/4/1 (Mon)

Registration method: All registration will be handled through our online WNBF Hong Kong  platform (link in Instagram or Facebook Fan Pages)



Registration procedures

  1. Competitors must hand in payment to become a member of WNBF in order to be qualified for participating in the competition. The annual membership fee is HK$800. WNBF members are qualified to participate in local and international competition for one year.
  2. Please complete the registration form. The personal registration fee for the competition are as follow:
      A.Early bird registration (from now on till 2024/1/15) 
     B.General registration(from 2024/1/15 till 2024/4/1) 
     C. Backstage passes HKD$900 / per one.
     D. Official photography /videographer service HKD$2000
  3. Member Eligibility : Every competitor must be registered as a member of WNBF Hong Kong before signing up the competition. The membership up to 2024/12/31.
  4. Referee meeting:24/5/2024   6:00 PM.
  5. Competitor’s check-in procedures:24/5/2024 12:00PM.
  6. Polygraph testing : To ensure the required open and fair standard of a WNBF competition, all competitors must undergo the polygraph test before competition. Competitors shall submit a payment of HK$500 for polygraph testing. The testing will last around 30 minutes handled by approved polygraph experts with polygraphed machine. Competitors must undergo the test on the schedule provided by WNBF Hong Kong. (For people who do not finish the test on the stated time will be disqualified for competition.)
  7. No refund will be issued after registration.


Competition Details

  1. Competitor check-in time (Measuring height, weigh-in and distributing competitor no.): 2024/5/24 (competitor should hand-in soft copy of identity card for verification and confirm their performance music)
  2. Date of opening ceremony: 2024/5/25, all competitors are required to attend the ceremony.
  3.  Time of competition: the competition for each division will start right after the opening ceremony.
  4. Judges: The local and international qualified judges will be appointed by WNBF Hong Kong. They will also be responsible for the related administration affairs for the competition.
  5. Men must compete with qualified bodybuilding posing suits or conventional broad shorts cut above the knee. Shorts, underwear or
    swimsuit will be prohibited for competition.
  6. Women must compete with qualified two-piece bikini posing suit under moderate coverage.
  7. Novice Class: Never compete in any local or international bodybuilding/physique competition. Participants will be disqualified if any of them violate the rules after investigation. For class of novice, the winners will only get the reward in their class. No pro card will be issued in this class.
  8. To maintain the site clean, competitor should follow the tanning guidelines from WNBF. All tanning products or other oily products like baby oil that are not allowed by WNBF should be prohibited for use in competition. The tanning product should not be oily, easily fade in color or with any sparkling/bright powder inside.
  9. Competitor shall prepare their performance music (if needed) and email the music file to [email protected]. (please mention in the file name, including name of competitor followed by the division of competition.)
  10. Competition rules: to implement the most updated WNBF competition rules.
  11. Weigh-in & check-in procedures: All the WNBF affiliate promoters including WNBF Hong Kong should be controlled under the head of referee and enforcing the following weigh-in and check-in procedures.
     - All competitors should wear their competition posing suit during check-in for judges to ensure the standard is qualified under the WNBF competition.
     -All competitors must bring the following documents during the weigh-in and check-in procedures:
     A. For Hong Kong residents, please provide valid HKID card for identity recognition.
     B. For foreign citizens, please provide valid passport or any valid identity card (e.g. birth certificate) for identity recognition.
  12. After announcing the award of competition, the judging committee from WNBF and the WNBF Hong Kong will promptly assist the competitors who win the champion, first runner up and second runner up to complete the urinalysis testing. The winners in fourth and fifth ranking will be tested via urinalysis in random basis. Winners who fail on the urinalysis testing will be disqualified from the competition. All awarded medals and pro cards will also be taken back from the organizer.
  13. For competitors who conducted the urinalysis testing, they must allow WNBF to publicize their testing report in order to demonstrate the determination of open and fairness.
  14. During weigh-in and check-in procedures, judging committee will decide the sequence of competitors appearing on stage in order. Secretary or assistant of judges will distribute the number tag to competitors. They must put their number tag on left hand side of their posing suit throughout the competition.
  15. Competitors must conduct the polygraph testing before participating in the competition. WNBF Hong Kong will decide whether the competitor can enter into the competition if they fail on the polygraph testing. No refund will be issued regardless of the testing result.
  16. WNBF Hong Kong will provide simple weighting facilities for competitors to warm-up. Competitors may need to bring their own tools for their preparation.
  17. Please ensure the cleanliness of competition venue including walls and facilities inside the venue. Competitors also need to follow the directions and indications from staff to the warm-up; congregation area for preparat
  18. If the competitor leaves the competition venue and did not show up after calling for three times from our staff, they will be treated as giving up the rights to participate into the competition.
  19. Under the personal privacy information statement, all the personal information collected from registration will only be used in relation to the affairs from this competition.
  20. No refund will be issued regardless of the results from polygraph and urine drug testing.
  21. If Competitor fails on the urine drug test, WNBF Hong Kong will suspend the competitor from participating in any WNBF competition in their lifetime. WNBF will also disclose the testing report to public for fairness.
  22. No refund will be issued after registration.